Dominical  Costa Rica.  A Budget Gem!  by Erik Guldenzopf

Great year round surf, great weather, free camping(last time I checked).  Even showers and

restrooms.  Great reliable surf most of the year, around 2 meters average.  There is a nice

river at the north end of the beach, however crocodiles are most likely present so be aware.


Further upstream it looks like a perfect river for white water rafting, kayaks, tubes and maybe even a jetboat!

Dominical is known for its entrepreneurial flea market atmosphere as well.  It is a great place

to buy and sell souvenirs and other items. 

As you can see it is a VW friendly place for our vintage VW Golf Mk 1 convertible.  There are some Kombi vans in Costa Rica, but they are more popular in Mexico and Brasil. 

We have some good hostel bargains here from $12 a night!  Costa Rica has lots of Land Rovers now, some nice ones.  They have beach parties here occasionally.  There are several places to eat including a nice pizza shop.  

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