San Lucas Lake Atitlan Guatemala         

Lake Atitlan is a gorgeous volcanic lake in Guatemala about 60 miles west of Guatemala City.  It is crystal clear and

surrounded by volcanoes.  This is one of the less traveled and cheaper spots on the lake.  It is a large lake and about 60 

miles around.  There are ferries to connect the towns and a road around most of it.  To the west of the town the road is

dirt and subject to flooding(4X4 territory),    

This is a view over San Lucas on the road to Panajachel which is the hot tourist destination.  The road is paved and

can be navigated by 2x4 vehicles.  Many pot holes, an older road.  There is a nice little town in between.  A little shop

there has great ice cream sundaes for $2.15 each.  The same franchise is in El Salvador also.

This is the Selina in Panajachel.  It has good parking and a nice bar.  2 Coronas for $3.50.  We have several other

hostels in the area also.  Their chicken sandwich is very good $6.

 This the ferry area for Panajachel.  There are few bars here on the lake.  San Pedro is a nice destination from 




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