10th Lap of Europe Part#4 Segment#1 One Lap of Iberia!  by Erik Guldenzopf




So as our protagonist (me) makes another one of his lifetime road trip aspirations a reality,

yet he is getting the Lady Di treatment(as he has not yet aware).  There is a gorgeous little town

just as you cross the French/Spanish border.  Also some incredible cliff views and you drive

by the old customs entry point long since closed due to EU schengen policies.  This is also 

Catalonia and has a distinct language and culture of its own.  The language seems to me a

mixture of Francais et Espanol as I am familiar with both languages.  



As I have already run into some Hollywood types who have mixed intentions, I still have not realized their true skull duggery.  A 2nd tier late night show host is waiting ahead in Barcelona with an anti-me offensive to try and ruin my vacation.  Also to ridicule me like so many other Americans.  Fortunately no one knows who this guy is and I'm not sure I even know who he is.  Spain also has quite different accents from Los Angeleno Spanish so its possible they don't even understand him.  Half way down the Spanish Riviera I am under the impression the Spanish really can't even tell what he is on about.  No worries I am now starting a multi-lingual show on radiogulag.net.



As for Barcelona it is very hard to navigate and find anything.  There is a coastal road that goes down to the city and several suburban cities and beaches.  It is harder to access the coast on the other side due to the large freeway.  Castelldefels is one of the most famous beach towns in the area.  Once a clothing optional mecca.  I remember a postcard a childhood friend sent me from the place with beautiful topless girls.  I could not locate the famous Baroque style church the city is so famous for or see it in the skyline.  There is also a large port there.  Also a lift system for tourists.  I couldn't spot that either.  Hostels were few and far between and even harder to find.  


As I left town I spotted who I think was the late night host in a purple Peugeot.  Not sure if it was him or not.  I then ventured onward to the Costa del Sol de Espana.  There are tons of cyclists here who seem fairly fast or tour caliber.  This is a tailgater mecca so be aware.  There was a guy who drove a Panda and could make it stand on the left two wheels and then the right two wheels.  Amazing!



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