A road trip across Russia is in order in to celebrate Russia's new road

systems and possibility of a North American bridge passage to connect the

Americas to Asia and Europe.

To discover and promote the semi-autonomous regions/cultures that is Russia!

From the border to Moskva, Yekaterinaberg, Volgagrad, Novosibirsk, Lake Baikal,

Krasnoyarsk and on to Vladivostok.  Check out my article ISA which you may be interested

in.  I'll bring you a T-shirt.  Let's do this before the winter comes.  Great PR for you and

another great road trip for me.  Let's make that a Niva Convertible, however flexible on the vehicle.

We could use this famous one also.  It is a blast and fairly reliable.  I only had enough tools to

change the wheels and made this long challenging trek.  It is kind of similar to a Niva, great grip

almost like a 4 wheel drive.


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