El Tunco, El Salvador and Beyond by Erik Guldenzopf


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America.  Its capital

San Salvador is a major airline hub including Avianca and formerly 

Taca airlines.  It has many pleasant surprises and is not as dangerous

as many would think.  La Libertad is the most popular resort area 

on the sea directly south of San Salvador about 70 miles away.


El Tunco is about 7.5 miles west of La Libertad.  It has a private gate and is

difficult to find.  It is very safe there.  The beach is incredible with great reliable

surf all year long.  The weather is endless summer, it has several bars and

discos.  We can book hostels and hotels on or offline for you that will not find 

on other sites. The big rock in the picture is at north end of the beach.


Papaya Lodge is a nice hostel in El Tunco close to the beach.  Its price varies

sometimes from $14 a night and up.  It has good parking, a swimming pool,

a deck with hammocks, a bar/kitchen and more.  We can book it on or offline for

you on hostylez.com.  Our contact details are below.


There are also several beaches all up and down the coast of El Salvador with

great surf.  The volcano lake near Santa Ana is very nice also pictured above.

The water is crystal clear clear and have bars/discos over the water and live

music.  I was surprised to hear a good band playing american rock in English

when I arrived.  


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