Theory of Lack of Precipitation vs. Global Warming by Erik Guldenzopf


While everyone screams Global Warming in unison and immediately tries to butcher every tree they can find I scream tree hating hypocrits! 

You tree haters don't care about the environment and you are just repeating whatever the government told you to say.  

Southern Punishment:  As we have just experienced 100 year record low temperatures here in Texas and of course the power just happened to fail during that 72 hour period ensuring that most pipes would fail in that time.

15 degrees fairenheit and less.  Also record storms(Hurricanes) over the past 30-40 years.  With all these Atlantic based storms, they suck up and divert/displace moisture that would go elsewhere.  Perhaps to Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Russia.   

Harp and weather satellites are a good possibility for this global change in the climate.  The reasoning is to keep the American South in state of perpetual economic slavery.  The ruling Virginians seek to control the country and world through a variety of these mechanisms.  Another would be Google which was created by DARPA(Defense Advance Research Projects Agency).  I actually worked with these manhating jerkoffs so I know what I am talking about.  See my upcoming book:  DARPA and I.

I remember distinctly people blaming Bush Sr. for the Homestead hurricane like he planned the whole thing in advance.  Then direct criticism for storms dropped off from there.  Virginia is very small state and area to continue wagging the world though a variety of genocidal scams like covid, storms and the like.  It is easy to see how pack ice and glaciers could continue to retreat with out the usual amount of snowfall reducing their critical mass.  All this to keep the American South from challenging Virginia's dominance of the country.




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