"El Salvador" El Paises Series de Erik Guldenzopf


1.  Bitcoin y $USD aceptado.

     Talvez un nuevo moneda para LATAM basado

     en producto(cana de azucar por ejemplo).


2.   La Union(Zona Franca) libre de impuestos y puerto.


3.   Aeropuerto de San Salvador.  Importante centro

      de carga y pasajeros.

      Talvez mas transito para Europa y Oriente Medio.


4.   Turismo, Surfistas, Playas, Albergues/Hoteles,

      Privado Vuelos y mas(hostylez.com).


5.    Banca/Crypto Sector

       Internacional Expansion (Asi Switzerland).  PYMES!


6.    SLV abierto "verde" desde Noviembre 2021!


Talvez en el Futuro!:


1.    Pequeno Avion Fabricacion/Motores


      PPC Aerospace(3 modelos, 2px sport, 4px sport,

      10 px turboprop).


2.   Tambien Multi-Fuel Motores Avions y Autos.


3.   Alternativo Fuels de(Cana de Azucar/Biodiesel(growable)

      y mas.


4.   Alternativo Energia Solar, Mareomotriz, Termico y mas. 


5.   Potential ubicacion para ERAX(copyright).


6.   Talvez Programa Espaciales.


7.   Fabricacion para Electronicos, Solar y mas.


8.   Avanzado Produccion de Alimentos.


9.   Talvez mi "Alternet"(copyright). 


Que Usted Piensa?







El Tunco, El Salvador and Beyond by Erik Guldenzopf


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America.  Its capital

San Salvador is a major airline hub including Avianca and formerly 

Taca airlines.  It has many pleasant surprises and is not as dangerous

as many would think.  La Libertad is the most popular resort area 

on the sea directly south of San Salvador about 70 miles away.


El Tunco is about 7.5 miles west of La Libertad.  It has a private gate and is

difficult to find.  It is very safe there.  The beach is incredible with great reliable

surf all year long.  The weather is endless summer, it has several bars and

discos.  We can book hostels and hotels on or offline for you that will not find 

on other sites. The big rock in the picture is at north end of the beach.


Papaya Lodge is a nice hostel in El Tunco close to the beach.  Its price varies

sometimes from $14 a night and up.  It has good parking, a swimming pool,

a deck with hammocks, a bar/kitchen and more.  We can book it on or offline for

you on hostylez.com.  Our contact details are below.


There are also several beaches all up and down the coast of El Salvador with

great surf.  The volcano lake near Santa Ana is very nice also pictured above.

The water is crystal clear clear and have bars/discos over the water and live

music.  I was surprised to hear a good band playing american rock in English

when I arrived.  


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +506 7150 9701 Whatsapp, US 832 738 9936 text

Our other sites:  omniprescient.com  precisionplay.net guldengoose.com








Precision Play Corporation (PPC Aerospace (cr)) will offer this model for sale.

I am building a prototype for my own use, testing and enjoyment!  

This design is incredibly fuel efficient (40 mpg).

Versatile Mogas87 octane/avgas compatible. 

Long Range (2,000 miles). 

Usable load (1250 pounds). 

Tandem 2 Seat Cockpit. 

Fast (215 mph). 

Cruising Speed (175 mph).  

Affordable (Projected $60-100k).  Optional Advanced Glass cockpit.

It is very manuervable and can perfect acrobatics.  There are a choice of engine options.  

This aircraft also only requires a sport aircraft license which means only 20 hours of flight school and no medical cert. needed.


Theory of Lack of Precipitation vs. Global Warming by Erik Guldenzopf


While everyone screams Global Warming in unison and immediately tries to butcher every tree they can find I scream tree hating hypocrits! 

You tree haters don't care about the environment and you are just repeating whatever the government told you to say.  

Southern Punishment:  As we have just experienced 100 year record low temperatures here in Texas and of course the power just happened to fail during that 72 hour period ensuring that most pipes would fail in that time.

15 degrees fairenheit and less.  Also record storms(Hurricanes) over the past 30-40 years.  With all these Atlantic based storms, they suck up and divert/displace moisture that would go elsewhere.  Perhaps to Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Russia.   

Harp and weather satellites are a good possibility for this global change in the climate.  The reasoning is to keep the American South in state of perpetual economic slavery.  The ruling Virginians seek to control the country and world through a variety of these mechanisms.  Another would be Google which was created by DARPA(Defense Advance Research Projects Agency).  I actually worked with these manhating jerkoffs so I know what I am talking about.  See my upcoming book:  DARPA and I.

I remember distinctly people blaming Bush Sr. for the Homestead hurricane like he planned the whole thing in advance.  Then direct criticism for storms dropped off from there.  Virginia is very small state and area to continue wagging the world though a variety of genocidal scams like covid, storms and the like.  It is easy to see how pack ice and glaciers could continue to retreat with out the usual amount of snowfall reducing their critical mass.  All this to keep the American South from challenging Virginia's dominance of the country.




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